The Golden Spike is hidden within the city limits of Watertown.

Please do not damage any property trying to find the Golden Spike.

Do not look on private property.

Clues will be posted each day here on the Rails to Trails website and Facebook page at 9:00 am each day beginning on Monday, July 13.

All Golden Spike hunters are asked to observe social distancing and only search for the Spike with the people in your own household.


If you find the Golden Spike, call City Hall at (952) 955-2681 to make arrangements for verification.

The person who finds the Golden Spike will receive a $200 cash prize sponsored by the Watertown Lions Club.

Clue #1:

The Corona Virus is a bummer
It is out to ruin our summer
Start hunting long and hard
The Golden Spike is not in your yard

Clue #2:

See the forest for the trees
that are never ever green
If you are bored, don’t go away
There is a place for kids to play

Clue #3:

You must be healthy to explore
Because you could end up sore
Stand still and you will see
Vehicles, Bikers, Walkers and Dogs with fleas

Clue #4:

Face the East, Face the West
Pick the direction that you think is best
Take the wrong way and you will find
a dead end leaving others behind

Clue #5

Hope springs eternal

So treat the water with care

You will soon be there

when you see lights in the air

Attention Golden Spike Hunters:


As City Hall is on summer hours and the Golden Spike was not turned in by the end of the business day yesterday (Thursday), if you find the Golden Spike today or tomorrow, please call/text 952-221-9586 to make arrangements for verification and to receive your prize.

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